Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"Norwegian Hearts"

Wooden Pendant

felt pencil case


I was overwhelmed seeing how much the Norwegian women love "the heart design"  when I was new to be here in Norway. It is a culture, indeed! Norwegian people actually have warm and loving hearts which are underneath their  "cool" character (I mean,  they might need time to "warm up"  to be friends with you if you compare them with people from South Europe ).  

After 10 years living in Norway, I do feel that I am more Norwegian myself to some extents. I am physically and mentally much stronger than I was (thinking about a typical city woman who had never slept in a tent in the nature before she came to Norway.), as I have been learning so much from the Norwegian women.  Now,  when I see the "Norwegian Hearts" at shops, children's clothing and people's home , I accept it more to my heart. Anja and Anette love "hearts" as well. Oh, yes, they are Norwegian Girls afterall.  (Is this "heart thing" a French one as well? dear Amelie. I know the English use  lots of "hearts" to make things as well.)

For this Christmas, I am planning to introduce some small things which I design and made with a slice of Norwegian Accent. There will be also some little lovely things from two Norwegian craftswomen , whom I will introduce  to you late on together with their works. I do this because I appreciate Norwegian culture and aesthetic more and more. This will be a little " Norwegian Design" introduction project, and it is so nice to have a blog to share with people and friends there.


Hopscotch said...

I can't tell you how much I love this post, Fei-An!!!!

I find Norwegians and other Scandinavians to be very warm people indeed!!! Ahh, how I wish I could live in Norge! ;D

alliot + iza said...

Adore the pureness! They are simply beautiful!
Thanks for sharing the authentic Norwegian culture and aesthetic with us dear Fei An.
I always dream what if I was born in a different place in a different time in a different skin color ( no matter what color it is ) ...
In reality, I know it's not quite likely even to leave my birth place and lead a totally different life in another country for the coming years ... but it's nice to have the virtual encounter with blog friends like you, so I can see through your eyes and your heart.
Thanks dear Fei An!

kenza said...

These are so nice. Simple and heart warming! Yes, it will be so nice to discover all this art with you. Thank you!

Amélie said...

This is so pure, it carries the light of snow and spirit of christmas. This "heart thing" is not really french. Nowadays, you can find more of them here too, but theyr rather come from eastern and northern Europe. However, at home I always have some for Christmas since my parents were very keen on scandinavian design, and so am I. I've been in love with Norway for many years now (firts time I 've been there I was sixteen). Thank you for this post

Sewon said...

Ohh I love the white felted pencil case with the heart. I can't wait to see more Norwegian-influenced creations of yours. :]

sonoko said...

I love a white felt pencil case.
It is really pure and white.
I think it is so nice present for girl.
Thank you always for nice messages.Tripp Trapp is very popular in Japan.I used Stokke Xplory as Sara's buggy,too.I love Stokke design.

coco said...

good morning fei,
this white one is very beautful too. i love white&natural color.

by the way, what is your favorite color? just wonder

Sal said...

Love these Fei :-) We Scottish people also love hearts. It is very true what you say about the warm hearts under the cool exterior. Once you have a Norwegian friend you have them for life :-) Can I come round and but a pencil case or should I order it on the net? Hugs your Neighbour xx