Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Season

felt pencil case

Wooden Pendant 

I am preparing some small things with a slice of  Scandinavian accent for this Christmas season. Will update the items to my online shop soon. 


Di said...

Beautiful! I love the colour!

kenza said...

Oh I like it!
I thought of you today as heavy fog descended on Tashkent. But most of it dissipated by the time I came back from dropping Petit Caramel at school. I still managed a few shots.

alliot + iza said...

Sweet colors!
Smell of Christmas :)

Amélie said...

Oh! So charming ! I love this design, so scandinavian, simple, Christmas is in the air.

coco said...

oh i like these felt pencase.
did you make it?

would you be interested in giveaway...i just posted.

coco said...

Fei, may i have your email address? i would like to say hi!
if you would leave yours on my blog commnet, i can reply. if you like.