Saturday, 3 December 2011

Knitting by Lene Nordum




I grew up in 80's.  It was a nice period of time to me and the world was not as hectic as it is now.  North Europe is a place which can always bring me back to the golden 80's of mine. People are calm and life is simpler.  Women do lots of knitting work.  My mother,  her girlfriends  and our neighbors had been doing  the same thing:  Kitting hat, sweater, trousers, scarf, mittens, and whatever they could think of they can knit for the ones whom they love.

Kitting needs a calm heart and lots of patience. It feels like a meditation to me. I treasure all these hand-knitted works, and emotion which I attached to is beyond description.   All the works in the above pictures are knitted by talented Norwegian craftswoman Lene Nordum. She made also some nice fur crafts work which I will  introduce later. I will post some of her works to my shop. If you need a catalogue of the whole collection of her work, please take contact with us.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Those mittens are so beautiful! I have a similar pair in blue and white. Just love them.

ChantaleP said...

So so beautiful! I grew up an 80s girl too. : ) My mom used to be an incredible knitter but alas, her eyesight and age doesn't permit her to knit anymore. She tried to teach me but I'm not as innately talented as she is. Gorgeous work here!

Amélie said...

So nice. I love the mittens, the shawl. I'm an old mother, so I grew up in the 70s. My mother was a knitter, and I myself knitted a lot as a teenager. Then I stopped for many years, and started again, along with her papa, for baby Elsa. I so enjoyed it that I'm now knitting a dress for myself (quite a huge work, it's likely to be finished for next winter!). Thank you for sharing the work of your talented friend.

Fei An said...

Dear Amelie, I grew up in the 70s and 80s as well:) My mother knitted and loved to try but knitting had never become a fever to me. I said knitting needs a calm mind, and I guess that I don't have it. I am looking forward to see your dress---the big project:) Anja and Anette use the shawl you knitted for them. I just lost some interest to take pictures of them outdoors. The daytime is very short. If it is a nice day, I only have 1 hour's nice light to take pictures. And they usually come back from school when it is getting dark outside. Have a great new week!