Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Beauty of Handmade 手工之美


" Tangible, sensual, and personal, ....they suggest that craft and design are ultimately about the relationship established between makers of th things and the individuals who, by selecting and using those things, complete the creative process."


Paul J. Smith 
from book Objects for Use: Handmade by Design, 2001.  


Anette (6 years old) handmade this notebook all by herself, the whole idea. 

This is a present to her grandmother : )  


Yoli said...

The book is beautiful. I can see where she gets her artistic talent.

Amélie said...

Dear Anette, what a beautiful notebook! Indeed, so precious when handmade, these carry the memory of treasures, patience, attention and care.

Valerie said...

the whole clothes collection is stunning !
and Anette has good (creative) genes ! her grandmother must have been touched by this lovely gift