Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Change of Texture

This is a piece of sample clothing which was made almost two years ago. Anette wears it often, and it is in gray blue color. The change of texture is so interesting after time's washing. I have to admit that I am quite indulged in this "clothing thing" that I can not wait to this morning to take the above two pictures in the daylight from yesterday evening.  Actually it is only sheer enjoyment....I guess I am finally on the way now. 


View from the window in the morning light. 


Fei An said...


Yanyan said...

你和马可说的都真好。有同感。想问安非阿姨,可以给我们 Nea 定一件绿色的呢裙吗?2-3岁。

Amélie said...

Beautiful and peaceful view from your window. Your photos always make me dream ... Yyour lights are magic and so tender.
Your creations are things of beauty, and it's a great luck for us you're sharing them here, dear Fei An

Yoli said...


coco said...

this view is like a fairly tale.
such a lovely scene you have