Monday, 3 October 2011

Fall 秋天


Yesterday, took a long trip together with Anette. The air after rain was so fresh. Feel very calm deep in my heart. I know that I am lucky  of  living in the nature. It gives me everything...., which I need, especially courage and great inspiration!


kenza said...

Beautiful fall photos and words! Your previous post is equally beautiful and a sharp contrast. Yes both posts are full of nature, life, tranquility. I really like to come here. Thank you!

Amélie said...

These post is beautifully serene and peaceful. I seems to me that I can feel the refreshing air after the rain, the smell of falling leaves on the wet earth. Such a beautiful place. Thank you dear Fei An, for sharing with us these precious moments of your life.

Yoli said...

Oh what beauty surrounds you! It must fill your heart with inspiration. Nature to me is everything.