Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Anja plays " Water Music"

To you, dear Alliot: A little video of Anja plays viola. She was doing the rehearsal with her teacher before the concert. She started to learn playing  viola last October. So, don't place a big expectation on her:p)

I am happy that she still enjoys playing viola, plus, she just asked us to allow her to train on playing football  at school: ). She is very lucky to live in Norway.


alliot + iza said...

Very promising performance dear Anja! I enjoy so much watching you playing viola. Beautiful playing! Keep up with your great work!
Dear Fei An, it's so nice to see the children in motion :) Anja is as elegant as she looks in the stills and a bit smaller. But Anette is a quite different from my perception. She's still very "baby" indeed ! I just have a big grin on my face when I see her dropping her doll at the end of the movie :) Very cute!
Thanks so much for sharing such precious moment with us!
I know you are leaving this sunday. I wish to share with you some more pictures with iza wearing your beautiful clothes, hopefully before you go ... since i know in China, blogspot is blocked ... i would seriously miss you and your two beautiful daughters!!

Amélie said...

Suc a beautiful music Anja! Bravo, I'm impressed. Yes, that's a precious moment, and I'm so happy you shared it with us, dear Fei An. The atmosphere in the church is light and peaceful, friendly as well, with the girls wandering around !
Like Alliot, I'll miss you and the girls when you're in China... but I'm looking forward to your China posts when back again.

Yanyan said...

how precious. Anja looks smaller in the video, standing there playing so beautifully. You must be very proud and touched. Anette is lovely with her doll and the big flower accessory. I wish we could meet this time. Have a great trip. If you are coming to Nanjing or Shanghai, please let me know. We plan to be there in July.

Di said...

I'm impressed! she makes good music = for one who only started last year! I hope that you have a great trip to China and I look forward to hearing all about it!

ChantaleP said...

Oh I so enjoyed Anja's playing! She's wonderful! Not nervous at all.. She looks beautiful in her dress and I too loved the ending when Anette comes out, hehe, so cute! You have 2 extremely lovely girls Fei!
I hear Anja playing and I so hope one day Keira will play like her (we are still in pizzicato and eeeheeehsqueesquee mode). Plus, Keira is frustrated with playing right hand (when she is a lefty).
Bravo Anja! Please tell her she was TERRIFIC!

kenza said...

I am so touched!

Amélie said...

Elsa has just discovered this post, and keep Anja playing again and again. She's very interested in the music ... and also in the church, and Anette with her doll !

Fei An said...

I look forward to seeing Elsa play her violin one day at her blog as well:)