Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Beautiful China...

 It will be always the place for me to go back to and for source of strength and inspiration----

Source of the last three pictures here.


Di said...

Beautiful photographs - beautiful country! Enjoy your trip!

kenza said...

Oh how beautiful. I do understand it must be such a source of inspiration and strength for you.

Yanyan said...


alliot + iza said...

醇醇的鄉情! Love your link!
When are you leaving dear Fei An??
I still have no idea about this summer. Need to see how our projects going ... At the moment, we do not have projects in Beijing, but Chengdu and Shanghai. We will definitely bring iza along with us for the final stage of the projects in these 2 places ... but still without a frozen schedule ... No matter how, i wish a wonderful time with family!!!

Amélie said...

Oh yes, China is beautiful. Thank you for these photographs. They indeed awake nostagia... so many years I haven't been there.
You may be leaving soon ... I hope you'll have a great time there, and bring back lots of inspiration ...and beautifull fabrics for new creations !

sonoko said...

I admire your life. I wish I could live or stay in various countries like you. And I can understand you miss your home country ,beautiful China.
I hope Anette's and your trip will be wonderful.I hope you will share beautiful China with us here.I am looking forword to looking at China through your eyes.

Hopscotch said...

Super lovely!
Your blog is so inspiring!

Yoli said...

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day. I know you have been dealing with a lot of grief lately due to your friend's death. I am sending you love and healing thoughts.

Those are beautiful images. My connection to China is lifelong. After motherhood, I feel, China for me is the source of all that is dear, beautiful and profound. I can't wait to visit again.