Friday, 13 May 2011


We got a parcel yesterday. It was a present parcel to Anja and Anette from my dear friend Amelie and her beautiful girl, Elsa! .  This is truly precious.... we are so blessed. Thank you! Dear Amelie and Elsa!  Anja picked the blue and Anette picked the golden yellow!; )



I could not managed to log in to this blog from yesterday,  so strange!!! It will be an other post before I leave for Beijing this Sunday. 


Di said...

Those are really lovely gifts! The girls look great in them. I think that there was a problem with blogger yesterday - they were working on it = it had become read only for a while. I couldn't post a comment for example.

Just in case I don't get to say it again before Sunday - I hope that you all have a really fantastic trip!! And I can't wait to see the beautiful photos you take!

Yanyan said...

How thoughtful and beautiful gifts! Just want to say bye before your trip. Have a wonderful trip. I really hope I will see you and the girls this trip.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

So lovely!!

Have a wonderful trip!!


kenza said...

Oh these are wonderful indeed! And your daughters look so beautiful with them! --yes the blog world seems to have gone a bit crazy in the past few days. So happy you will soon be leaving for Beijing. Can't wait to see your photos! Much love to all and many caramelized kisses!

alliot + iza said...

Such beautiful shawls!!!! The styling and both colors are nice. Amelie and Elsa are so sweet and thoughtful! Anja and Anette look fabulous in them ... their picks match their characters :)
Wish you a great time with friends and family! I think this summer will be TOO LONG for me!

Amélie said...

Thank you for this post, dear Fei An. It's such a joy for me to see Anja and Anette wearing the shawls. Elsa had first thought of the blue one for Anette and the brown for Anja; but now she sees them she says they're right, it's much better that way and fit their characters.
Wish you a wonderful trip ... and yes, indeed, the summer will be too long !

Hopscotch said...

What a beautiful gift for the loveliest girls!

Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip!


ChantaleP said...

Oh how they both look so beautiful! What wonderful wonderful friends you have. You're so blessed to have 2 lovely girls as your own. : )