Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring in Norway I 春风沉醉

Yes, spring is on the way to us as well. The wind is warmer, and snow is melting.

After I stood up in the morning, I decide to make myself happier today. Anette said she would not go to the kid garden today. I said that is ok. We went to the shop together, and I bought her a big carton of chocolate milk:) and this really makes her happy. And then she said she wanted to go to the kid garden. So, I send her to the kid garden at 10:50.

Even though I have more 正经事儿 (other more important thing) to do, I sit down in front of the computer and start to edit the pictures of Anette which I just took earlier today, instead! Now, I am updating a new post, which is another thing can make me happy:)

I share this music again with you, my dear friends. Spring In Lhasa, one piece of my favorite music. I wish this music and Anette's picture can make you to have a happier day as I do.


Di said...

Hello Fei! Happy spring to you too! Anette looks very happy to be outdoors in the sunshine too! I love her dress. Did you make it?

I too am cheered today by news that the results of medical tests my mum was waiting for are all good. Relief all round - it's been a rough ride since the start of December but things are beginning to look up!

Have a lovely day! My parents are arriving tonight for a quick visit so there has been lots of house tidying going on!

Yanyan said...

Oh those are gorgeous pictures and Anette looks so happy and beautiful. Love the color, it makes me happy too. Have a wonderful day!

ChantaleP said...

I love love these photos! Oh she is so beautiful.. and the colours! I love how her hair is like the colours she is wearing.. golden brown with tones of red. So Gorgeous! You are a smart and good mommy, making her happy and in turn, her wanting to go to kindergarden. haha!

btw: Don't be fooled! You are most probably NOT older than me, probably I am older than you! I just still love cartoony stuff to decorate my daughter's room. lol. Actually, I just let her add what she wants too. : )

alliot + iza said...

I feel Spring from the beautiful smiles on Anja's radiant face.
These pictures are full of life and energy!
Thanks dear Fei An for the Norwegian spring :)

Amélie said...

What a joyful spring post ! and a beautiful set of pictures. Anette's sunlit hair and your yellow dress are indeed a breeze of spring.
Anette's smile and energy are just communicative. I'm feeling happy atb the sight of her. Thank you for this bright moment.

kenza said...

Lovely! Just lovely! The colors! The joy! Thank you. And the music is wonderful... Thank you! You made my evening so cheerful.

Justine said...

So sorry that I did not send your present already. I'm so so busy...but I don't forget you :-)

kitchu said...

such delightful photos of your beautiful girl. i love the colors on her!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

These colors are so gorgeous - I'm in love with yellows, mustards and golds this year.

AND, Fei!!!!!!! How is it that I've been SO busy that I hadn't even seen your new collection until tonight??
I just bought a piece, I am SO excited! It was so hard to choose...I love the whole collection!!

alexandra said...

Ohlala!!!These colors! Yellow and Red , it looks like fire, it's wonderfull!
Magnifiques photos !De mieux en mieux !

Yoli said...

Ah, so beautiful! I love everything! The colors the images! All!

alliot + iza said...

Yes, you made it :) Wonderful!