Saturday, 19 March 2011


I have been following the news from Japan since last Friday and been anxious about the radiation levels in Tokyo since then. It feels much better today reading the updated news of
Fukushima nuclear power plant. Got the magazines and the book one day before the earthquake in Japan from my dear friend Sonoko. My heart is full of tenderness and gratefulness when I got the parcel. Then I was shocked by the earth quake. I send Sonoko an email and asked how she was in Japan. She replied a couple of days later after the earth quake and said she and her family is safe and fine. And then she wrote about the Nordic design which she loves and a Norwegian magazine which I mentioned to her in the previous email. She is so calm to my surprise, and I admire her so much for this. I must say that Sonoko is another wonderful lady which I am getting to know from this blogspot sphere. People will know how grateful , and how lucky I am from the above pictures which I post here.

Anja made the painting to Sonoko this morning. Anette made one as well. I managed to send out a small parcel to her today. Silly me...... I was wondering whether the post office in Tokyo would work as normal during this special time. It is not showing big sign of spring in Norway yet. However, it is there. It is warmer and snow is melting. Spring is always a season which is full of hope. Dear Sonoko, I hope you can sense the smell of Spring from the girls' paining to you.

Anja's draft for her collection :p)
Better than mine! At least, much more colorful :)

See here.


kenza said...

What a beautiful heart warming post! Yes, Sonoko is really to be admired and all the people in Japan who are going through so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them. Your two little girls are magical!

Amélie said...

Dear Anja, your colourful artwork fill our hearts with warmth and hope ... for spring to come, for all people in Japan, for dear Sara and Sonoko. Thank you Fei An for this softhearted post.

ChantaleP said...

Soft spoken words.. It's incredible how life changes in an instant. Your daughters drawings are beautiful! And full of happiness, full of positive hope. How can we be otherwise when we see the Japanese people staying so strong? I hope your friend gets your package..

sonoko said...

I don't know how express all my thanks for your very warm post.
You always warm my sad feelings as if the spring warm sunshine melts the snow.Thank you very much,dear Fei An.
In Saitama where I live,near tokyo,There isn't almost damage,so I can lead under almost normal conditions.But now,I don't know what I have to write in my blog as I am thinking of people of devastated area.
I am sorry about the radioactive leakage of Japan.I know it is heightening not only Japanese people's but also not Japanese people's anxiety.Now,Japanese people can only believe the goverment.

Thank you very much...I know I lack thanks for you,and Anja, Anette.But I want to say again and again,thank you very much.

I watched a movie"King's speech" last month.I thought that a relationship between you and me is like one of King and a speech-language-hearing therapist.Off course,You are King! A warm friendship grew up between them.
It made no difference to friendship what nationality they are and who they are.

I am looking forward to breathing Norway's spring air.

alliot + iza said...

So glad to see you posting dear Fei An!
Hope you are feeling better now.
It's such a touching post. Your words are filled with tenderness. And, i'm so grateful to see the beauty of friendship :)
Anja and Anette are so sweet. Their thoughts have already arrived Japan.
Our hearts are with Sonoko and all the people in Japan.

Yoli said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Sonoko and the wonderful and brave people of Japan. I am sure what you sent her will warm her heart.

Yanyan said...

what a tender post. Anja and Anette's drawing are so wonderful, best spring summer collection ever. I find it harder and harder to watch the news now a days. Glad Sonoko and her family are safe and our thoughts and prayers are with the people there. Hope spring will arrive in Norway soon. Take care. Yanyan

kitchu said...

such hope in this post it brought a lump in my throat and tears to my eyes. my heart and mind have been little elsewhere except in Japan. i can only give what i can from here, my little bit of money to different causes to support them. but as yoli said, every little bit counts, "think of the snow" she said.

Anja is is a wonderful artist!

Fei An said...

Thank you, all my dear friends. You words bring an spring breeze with the smell of sunshine to my heart. I am deeply touched. Thank you again!

Dear Sonoko, take your time to recover from what had happened, and I understand your feelings. I am really honored to be your friend. I need to be a better person for you because of your "maybe too good thoughts of me:)".
Take care, and everything will be fine again!