Monday, 10 January 2011

Pictures Which I Treasure

The above two pictures are from my dear friend Sonoko. Dear Sonoko, so nice to meet you at this blogspot sphere. You have given me more than I had ever expected. Thank you.

Nothing can be more rewarding than seeing dear Iza in that blue knitting dress.

She is actually the beginning of my "big" dream of Naive Days. Thanks, dear Iza and Alliot, you two is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me....

The last three pictures are from a nice lady living in Paris, Amelie. The beautiful little girl is her daughter Elsa. I did not know her before we had a few back and forth of emails regarding to the ordering. Then I got these three precious pictures from her after new year. I am very touched. I am not so sure if I would do the same if I only bought a piece of clothing somewhere from one shop on the internet. Dear Amelie, I do treasure the pictures that you send to me. That means a least, I am sure that I can pick up my courage again at the time when I am low and looking at the pictures of Elsa. Look forward that you can open a blog for Elsa. I wanna see her often and how she is doing in a city which I dream about since I was very young.

Thanks again, all my dear friends, for your pictures, words, comments, encouragement, inspiration.... I treasure all these much. I will be better at what I am doing. Have a great week!


Di said...

Your clothes are just beautiful! And modelled so well in the photos. I love the colour of the dress so much - such a beautiful blue.

To a fabulous, creative and friend filled 2011!

kitchu said...

you are incredibly talented my friend!

kenza said...

Congratulations! These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your joy. So proud of you!

Yanyan said...

It is so wonderful to share your joy!Congratulations dear Fei An. They all love wonderful. I especially love the blue dress and the pink felt bag!!!

Yoli said...

Beautiful and your work exquisite.

sonoko said...

What's a happy surprise!!!
Thank you,dear Fei An.
I love all of them.
Your clothes bring out girl's natural beauty.
I think of the proverb "桃李不言下自成蹊" when I think of you.

amélie said...

Dear FeiAn, thank you so much. It is a joy for Elsa and me to see our pictures on your blog.
And indeed, buying your work was really not just buying "a piece of clothing somewhere from a shop on the internet". They're so special, altogether bright and delicate
Sonoko's very right, they "bring out girl's natural beauty". I love seeing Elsa wearing her Chinese jacket

Fei An said...

dear Amelie, thanks for your message. I feel so honored to have Elsa's picture at my blog. What a good memory! I am looking forward that you will post Elsa's pictures at your blog very soon! Have a nice start of a wonderful week!