Wednesday, 12 January 2011


My dear friend Sonoko told me that she would like to send me a card since I send her a card ( it was send together with her ordering from my shop, actually) . Then I got this parcel with 3 hand-writing cards and three presents to each of us: Anja, Anette, and me. I am so touched, so touched...

How should I thank you?
When I reach for your,
I wished to only feel a breeze from your world
Then I got the whole season of Spring,
Given to me by you,
Together with your big generous
and loving heart!

Thank you, dear Sonoko!

This is one present for ME!!! I love it, the illustration of Komako Sakai!

She likes it as well:)


sonoko said...

I wish I can tell all of my delight well. My heart is too full of delight for words.
How beautiful works of Anja and Anette are!!! I am so touched.
Thank you so much.
Dear Fei An,Anja,Anette,I am honored to be your friend.

Fei An said...

Oh yes, dear Sonoko, how delightful to think about what has happened... It is absolutely joyful, 100%. You make my year of 2010 and the year ahead! Happy that we meet at this cyberspace. Have a wonderful week end, my dear friend!

kenza said...

Oh this is wonderful! Anja and Anette are so lovely and what incredible creations they make!
So happy you met a new friend.
By the way, a little music for Anja on the post today. I hope she likes it!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

What beautiful gifts, and those illustrations are just wonderful!!