Friday, 28 January 2011

Paper Boats

I am not sick yet even though the two sick girls take turns to sleep together with me on my bed , which, they say, they prefer more at their hard time ; ) since my bed is softer. ..
I am dreaming that maybe I could escape from the bad flue this time ?! I am crossing my finger.

I am so thrilled to see the pictures at dear Amelie's blog: Paper boats, a diary for Elsa. It is such a big joy for me to see other children than Anja and Anette dressing in my works. I have to admit it. This blog brings me much joy and meaning, more than I have expected. All of you ladies mean a lot to me. It might sound too soft (有点儿肉麻 in Chinese) to put it into such words. However, it is my true feeling.

Dear Amelie, thanks for these beautiful pictures. I treasure them and I wish for the chance to see Elsa growing up into a wonderful young lady from your blog. Keep it posted! Have a nice weekend, my dear friends


Yanyan said...

一点也不肉麻,totally understand how you feel. Beautiful pictures. Wish your girls will get well soon. My Landon is sick AGAIN, I don't know if this will be another round of sickness in my house, I hope not and hope you can escape the cold as well!! Take care dear FeiAn.

Di said...

I hope that the girls get well soon and you manage to avoid the flu.

The pictures are beautiful - your jacket is beautiful. I know if I had a daughter that I would want her to have one!

alliot / iza said...

Such a warm post.
Love so much the picture of little elsa and the black cat.
So poetic.
Elsa is beautiful!

Amélie said...

謝謝親愛的FeiAn. I'm so touched by this post. It gladdens my heart, especially because I'm not always feeling at ease with this undertaking of a blog (I'm not supposed to have a single minute left to devote to such pastime).
Take care of you and the girls. Elsa and I suffered in turn from the flu, and then Elsa is got sick again. Seems to be endless and worldwide spread ...

Thank you Alliot for your kind words. This is now a few months Elsa and I have been following you and Iza. She's quite fascinated by Iza and I love your photos, the way you talk with her, the way you talk from your life.

sonoko said...

I always think that your works are so wonderful.
The girl who wore your beautiful clothes will never forget this wonderful experience.
Today,I visited her blog first.I love her blog,too!

kenza said...

Yes beautiful to see your creations! I hope your are well. Take good care of yourself and the two little princesse. (oh and about your comment, cello is wonderful! They say it is the closest to the human voice and human body actually given its shape) Many kisses!