Thursday, 27 January 2011

By the Window 2

The girls are sick and I suppose I will be the next one to join them. It happens almost every January of the year. A few more pictures continuing from the last post. Busy with the 2011 spring summer collection as well. Should be ready by February. Will catch up with your ladies soon.


kitchu said...

sorry to hear the girls are not well, hope they are better soon. the photos are beautiful~!

alliot / iza said...

Wish Anette and Anja will get well soon.
Iza suffers from the flu ( quite a fierce one ) again, seems endless ... the children at school get sick one by one. When one is almost recovered, they soon get infected by another one again.
Since the Chinese New Year is coming, I wish the children get separated ... and it will stop the looping effect.
My dear Fei An, take care.
I'm looking forward to your new collection :)
And, Anja looks graceful in pure white.

Yoli said...

I hope all of you will get better soon. Take good care sweet lady. We are all here on the tail of a very bad cold that affected everyone in the house except me. I am very excited about your new collection and cannot wait to see what you will bring to 2011. Your little girl looks dreamy.

sonoko said...

I am sorry to hear dear Anja and Anette is sick.
I hope they are better,and I am looking forward to seeing their cheerful smile and your wonderful new collection.

Amélie said...

how beautiful are these photos "by the window" ! Anja in white with her red violin and the reflection of the snow on her face. I love these.
how peaceful it might be, sewing by the window in your house filled by this light. It's like a dream to me, a dream and an old remembrance of a snowy winter spent in Switzerland, in a white house where the radiant light of snow entered throught all windows.