Monday, 31 January 2011

At the Corner of Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is at the corner now. Anja is well again and goes back to school today. Anette has running nose these two days but over with the fever. Anette still manages to watch TV armed with the tissue paper. I have pity on her so she is allowed to watch children TV with my permission. She should be fine again in a few days. Anja had the exactly same symptoms as Anette has now.

It might feel crazy to take pictures of your sick kid. I just though I don't have any this kind of pictures yet while this kind of situations do happen. So, I took the pictures. And I think Anette is so funny watching with her 100% concentration at TV while busy with her running nose and taking care of her sick baby doll :p)


Yanyan said...

oh poor little thing. those pictures are so cute.

sonoko said...

I feel your lots of love for Anette from these photos.
She is so lovely in whatever situation.
I hope she will get better soon.

kenza said...

Oh my sweet sweet one! I hope you are all well very soon... I love the first picture! And thank you for your always kind comments.

Yoli said...

Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon. Sending her healing thoughts.

kitchu said...

oh my gosh these photos are so sweet. hope she is feeling better very soon :)