Friday, 3 September 2010

Naive Days 2010 /2011 Autumn & Winter 5 ----My China Blue

I guess this season is a lot about my China Blue. I would always like to see my Chinese girl dress in China Blue. Contemporary design, modern touch, Chinese accent, how to put them together? At least, I am trying to experiment with these elements. hopefully, one day, I will be more satisfied.


Yanyan said...

I think to modernize the Chinese look is a tough job and you are doing a wonderful one! The blue color is so beautiful! Can't wait to see them all in the store!!

kenza said...

This China bleu is beautiful and your design so simple and so elegant. She looks so wonderful and happy in these clothes, and that is what counts. Congratulations on your new collection. Really fantastic work!
Have a beautiful week end sweet Fei An --and thank you for the gracious comments you always leave on my blog.

radzimire said...

Really nice!

alliot / iza said...

Sweet Fei An, you have a wonderful start in your experimentation! iza and I love your designs SO MUCH!
Keep on!

sararin said...

She is so cute.
This China blue is so beautiful.