Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Naive Days 2010 /2011 Autumn & Winter 4

Well, the plan is to finish photographing of the autumn/winter collection and updating online store of the autumn/winter collection by next Monday. I started a bit late this season anyway, so will not rush and try to enjoy one of the parts of work I like most: photographing.

I remember that Iza has one similar knitting dress in white color. And I like it much. So, this time I make a similar one, and Anja likes it at once. Will find the picture of Iza's white knitting dress and post it here later on. Thanks for great inspiration: Dear Iza.


Yanyan said...

Now this IS my favorite! And I want to buy one!!! Can't wait to see them in the store! Hope you are offering smaller size this time!

alliot / iza said...

It is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the blue!!
I would love to have this one for iza too :))
Dear Fei An, i'm moved by your every single post on your A/W collection. I can feel your heart in every piece of work. I wish you a great success!

kenza said...

These photos are marvelous! (and the dress as well of course). Lovely my sweet Fei An.

Anonymous said...

I love the white dress! The photos are great too.