Friday, 16 April 2010

The Kids Make Themself Toys!

I am happy to see that Anja made a small toy using a piece of stick for her little sister. Then she said the "little person" needs a house, so, here is the paper house, which she cuts and glues together, as well:) She did cut windows and doors afterwards while I was too lazy to take pictures again of the door and the window. ......Too many pictures I have shot today.

I have to admit that that I don't have so much appetite to the toys from the toy's store nor the carton figures neither. Maybe it is because I was not growing up with all those carton films??? It will be forever very good memory that my grandma made many soft toys for me when I was little. Maybe I should start to make some soft toys for the girls??? That is a good thought, at least!


kenza said...

These are fantastic! I see your children are as creative as their mother and that is wonderful! have a lovely week end, and I love the previous photos (feathers, etc..)

Karumen said...

that's a functional house your children has made :)
brings back the memory of me and my brother when we were little, we would build houses with shoe boxes, or with lego blocks but not following the instructions. all great fun!

alliot said...

The little house is wonderful! Nice work of simplicity.
And I love the stick man. It's imaginative and beautifully colored.
Such a precious post!

Sal said...

Fei the first picture of the little house is so beautiful! I love the composition with their hands holding the house. Such creative children. Just like mum :-)

Karumen said...

thanks for your comments Fei An! the red part i used a fabric marker to colour it.
it's called "fashion fabric marker" by "marvy uchida", you can see a picture of the pens here:
the brand offers a variety of colours, but it's a little bit on the "dry" side. and i would recommend you use a much cheaper japanese "name-writing-pen"(for mom's to write the kids' names on their shirts/shoes) for the black colour. the one i used is from muji, it is much easier to draw smoother lines! have fun!