Friday, 16 April 2010

Faving Fun with 100mm Lense

I was trying out a 100mm lense which my nice friend lend me earlier today. After shooting pictures of the clothing, I had some fun shooting feathers and flowers. Haha, quite fun----another new world!!! The first picture was taken using tripod----my first time:) I found the need to use a tripod, the first time as well, since the camera body and the lense are so heavy together. Then, I found I have a pair of shaky hands as well:) for the first time... so many first times???

The camera is the biggest toy to me now, I guess it is allowed that adults can have toys and have fun as well, what is your big toy now, my dear friends?


alliot said...

Beautiful and abstract.
It's another dimension when we look close into details:)

Fei An said...

Yes, Alliot, I found that dimension is amazing...:o!

Ulrika said...

Great shots!

Thank you for your support on me being stuck in Athens, really!
I'm back now, but it took me a while.