Tuesday, 1 September 2009

For Good Memory- Singapore Zoo

I never thought Singapore would have meant much to me when I left it in 2001. In many facts, I disliked this city for some immature reasons when I lived there. However, the fact is emotion will bring one back to the true feeling of oneself, no matter what. Yes, I love this city deep in my heart for all the good memories. And I miss Singapore, indeed!

So happy to bring Anja to Singapore Zoo, it is a dream which comes true.


alliot said...

The first pic is so cute!
I were not so fancy about Singapore, actually, I found it quite boring :) Till I had iza with me working for a project in Singapore, I found this place extraordinary safe for children!

feian said...

hehe, Singapore is indeed a quite safe place for children:) In my case, I know it is Distance Makes Beauty. I miss the chilly crab there, that is true:).

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Gorgeous photos! What fun!