Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A few knitting work

A few knittings which I made last week. I regret that I did not make some knittings for the girls when they were small. However, I do have some plans to make some knitting for my god daugher and the baby boy of my best girlfriend for Christmas present.

The works are not perfect though, it is a new beginning of something I like to do. (The white skirt ,which used by the girls' auntie when she was little, is made by the grande, grande mother of the girls.) Nordic women have such a good tradition to make so much knitting for their children, and one can easily feel warmth and love from it.


alliot said...

I'm jealousy:)
I wish I know how to knit!
Beautiful piece!

feian said...

Actually, my knitting technics is terrible:( Have tried to cover as much as I can in the picture:)