Friday, 11 September 2009

Sunshine comes through the window shades

Made this white robe for Anja's coming birthday. I bought the lace in Beijing and it costs me 5.00rmb:)
Falling love with taking photograph recently. It feels happy when the morning sunshine comes through the window shades as I wished yesterday. I like the warmth and brightness which the sunshine brings along. Hoping it will be getting better with my technics of shooting photos. There is always hope, anyway, as far as I like it.
P.S source of the flower picture


alliot said...

Beautiful light! I can feel the softness of light :)
There are lots of treasures we can find in China!
I've got some nice fabrics from Shanghai (the traditional blue dyed ones), but have no time for sewing...

feian said...

Alliot, I 'd like to see your sewing work! You are so good at designing wonderful piece. I just asked my sister to have tailor in Beijing to make a dress for Anja using that kind of traditional blue dyed fabric. Should be ready this week. Look forward to seeing it!

alliot said...

I would love to see it!
I like so much blue dyed fabric and other traditional textiles from China :)

Shaista said...

How beautiful and clever of you to be able to make such a garment! I want one too :) Yes, that white morning light that makes everything clean and hopeful - is a great joy. Looking forward to seeing your other pieces..