Friday, 28 August 2009

Special Love to a special YOU---Princess Sofie

Usually I would go to the shop and buy some thing for birthday present whenever the girls are invited to the birthday party of their kidgarden friends. This time, I used a little bit more time and my brain to come up with this idea of making a skirt to Sofie, who had her 4 years old birthday party yesterday. Sofie is such a beautiful and lovely girl that she deserves my special love to her. It is a nice thing which I have done and I feel happy deep in my heart.

Lovely and perfect Sofie

Outside the window in the morning: Mountain Mist in the small rain


alliot said...

My computer monitor is only 13". Opening your blog, I can (only) see a beautiful skirt and a piece of heart-touching writing! But, when I scroll down, I'm totally "melt down" when I see Sofie. Lovely Sofie and my best Feian! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Happy Birthday to Sofie!

feian said...

Oh, Alliot, your message melt my heart...I am so touched of your comment and happy that I can share my feelings with a lady like you.
Best wishes to lovely Sofie and nicest Alliot!!!
Have a good weekend!