Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I know you are there standing by me

I know you are there standing by me,
I know I am not alone.
Someday, you will smile at me and I will smile at you.
For, I know what does all this meant to be.
To make it, it might not be what your meaning meant to be,
And, there is not any problem for that.
I know, you want me to achieve something more, something more than To Make It
I know, I know......
I know you are with me.


alliot said...

So poetic!
Is it somewhere near your place?

feian said...

Hi, Alliot, It is the west of Norway and I live in Oslo area. I visit your blog quite often and it is such a great inspiration to me. Thanks for being there. A litte bit low these few days! Will be fine again:) Thanks for the Link. I am so happy!!!

alliot said...

Hope everything will be fine very soon!
Warmest regards from the other side of the World to your Family!!