Monday, 11 April 2011

Having Fun Together with Mummy at Home

Thank you! my dear friends, for your nice and warm words!

Easter is around the corner. So, so many yellow color everywhere, especially in the stops. Spring is a very happy season for people who live in North Europe. The long night and cold gray days are over, finally. :)

Anette and I tried to have little fun together today. I am going to make the girls a few more pieces spring dresses and this is the first one :) I thought she would reluctantly to put on the pink flowers. However, She likes it at once. I never thought Anette is such a "high-key" kid----she even went to the kindergarten, which is our neighbor, to show her teachers and friends how she dresses her hair and her new dress:p)

We are going to China Embassy in Oslo tomorrow to apply for the visa back to China. It will be fun for Anette to take the 30 minutes' train to Oslo as well. And I will buy myself a present ----an apple green Marimekko bowl, to celebrate this beautiful season.


alliot + iza said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! So cheerful!
Happy spring colors.
Nice matching with Bodebo tights :)
Anette the spring fairy!

ChantaleP said...

OH WOW! So pretty, so spring! What a lovely lovely Anette!

Yoli said...

Love her dress she looks adorable!

Yanyan said...

oh gorgeous!!!!!!!!

kumiko.y said...

Very very very cute ♥
Beautiful flower girl!!
It seems like a fairy.
She brought the spring.

kenza said...

Lovely! This last photo is absolutely precious!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

So cute and the whole outfit!! ox

Di said...

Looks like a lot of fun in the sunshine! Love the spotty tights - do you think they make them in adult sizes?

Amélie said...

Beautiful and joyful series. Love the colors, pale spring yellow and tender pink. Impossible to tell which one I prefer, love them all. Anette's joy is communucative and your post brightens my heart. She's really the fairy of spring.

Amélie said...

Love also the Marrimeko green bowl.

eipuriru said...

Hello Fei An ~ I love the clothes you create and both my mum and I think they're very inspirational. My mum's into knitting but after viewing your creations I think she will want to pick up her sewing again!

I came upon your site via Une Envie de Sel. I noticed the picture that Maia has drawn for your new collection and was wondering if you would be putting that print for sale. Please let me know! I love the braided hair girl with the Chinese jacket - We used to have that sort of fabric at home in a slightly darker tone when I was young and my mum had sewn up cushion covers with the material for our wicker chairs.

I will return to check your comments later.

Thank you in advance,

Fei An said...

Dear Eipuriru,

May I know your email address, please? Mine is
Write to you more later.:)
Thank you for your message.

Fei An

kitchu said...

love her yellow dress and those adorable stockings. happy spring to you!

bicocacolors said...

I adore this floral headband, dress, stockings .... all, spring has arrived and is breathed in every corner!
brava brava brava!,
each time it is a pleasure to come to see you!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Frida Kahlo. Love the flowers in her hair.