Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Another Concert

Anja played another concert in the church earlier today. She is busier than me now. Tomorrow will be swimming. The day after tomorrow she will go to a classmate's home and have dinner together with her....... We arrived at the church earlier in order to practice a bit with her teacher. She is standing there waiting for her turn while listening to the others.

Anette's new favorite hair band from yesterday :) God must have laughed at the two big pink flowers on top of her head:)


Yoli said...

Both your girls look AMAZING! So, so beautiful! I absolutely love the black outfit that Anja is wearing.

Amélie said...

Graceful Anja clad in her mother's black creation. So stylish ! Elsa's also wearing your clothes for concerts (so far only the Chinese flower jacket).
Anette is so weet in pink and red. Love the flower band !... and her open smile.

kitchu said...

your girls are so beautiful Fei An.

alliot + iza said...

Anja and Anette are little beauties.
Love the Anette's flowers. Anja looks graceful with her viola!
It's great to play in concert again. I would love to listen to Anja's music!! Maybe Anja can play a little concert here ?
Is Anette going with Anja for swimming? Knowing how to swim is so good ... I wish i'm not limited by water however i can never manage my limbs ... My little dream to iza is that she can enjoy the free spirit in surfing above water and diving into the deep deep sea. To see the miraculous underwater world.

sonoko said...

I am happy to know Anja has a full life. That's so wonderful!
Anette knows well what suits herself. How lovely!
Thank you for writing e-mail for me although you were so busy. I felt your warm thought,and I understood your situation well. Whatever will happen,We are frineds.Thank you again.

kenza said...

I love to see Anja with her violin! (and her beautiful dress of course!) And Annette and her flowers... what can I say?! They are so charming your little ladies. I love them!

Yanyan said...

Anja 和妈妈长的好像,So graceful with her viola, I love Anette's Hair accessory, very pretty, fits her so well!