Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I like my life which I am living now. Maybe it is not as "热闹----bustled with noise and excitement" as before when I was young, however, it fits with my age and my heart very well, it is calm....So nice.

Bought a new summer scarf.... one side is silk and another side is wool. I like the softness.


Amélie said...

Love the calmness, love the roses. Thank you for sharing the calm wealth of your life. Your post is a precious a moment of peace.

Fei An said...

Thank you Amelie, every time I read your comment, it feels to me that you are, also, a ray of spring sunshine which warms and brightens my heart. ... I am so honored to have you be my friend. Happy Easter!

Yanyan said...


sonoko said...

Your choice is perfect!
I love your beautiful scarf.
I enjoy imagining you wearing it.
Yes,it looks very comfortable.
I bought a new scarf the other day,too.
Dear Fei An,Happy Easter!

ChantaleP said...

Oh my goodness, beautiful.Both the scarf and your words. I agree with you, I love my life quiet. I am no longer interested in being an 'it' girl and going out on the town... I appreciate your words of wisdom so much. Though to be honest, I'm pretty darn sure you must be younger than me! lol..

kenza said...

Your photos are precious! yes and one can feel the calm in them, in your words, in the blog, in your creations. Wonderfully serene. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Di said...

I am happy you are happy! I think it is a lovely thing to have such a beautiful family - I am envious of you this time ;-)

Love the new scarf! Looks beautifully soft.