Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Naive Days 2011 Spring / Summer "Jasmine Bloom 茉莉花开 1 " Plant a Seed of Hope 种一颗希望的种子

I did not name this new series "Jasmine Bloom" until today. I was thinking to name this new series after another flower. Even though the image of the "flower" from all the above pictures don't suggest any clue of jasmine, I would like to use this term: "Jasmine Bloom".

I am not a political interested woman and had not paid much attention to terms such as" freedom of speech" and " democracy". Until a couple of years ago, one of my dearest friend in China lost his life because of his own belief on freedom and democracy. I was shocked. I felt ashamed.

There is something going on in China now and people name the activity "Jasmine Revolution". I know it would not be easy to make things happen in China. People are more keen on things in term of "economics". However, there is a hope, and there do have some lights. I attach this new series of the new collection with my best wishes to "Jasmine Revolution". Let jasmine bloom!


alliot + iza said...

Let jasmine bloom!

Fei An, these images are impressive!
Magical and moody!
Love the light and ambiance.
Anette is fairy!!!!!
She is extraordinary. I love so much her character diffusing throughout the images.
I just have the feel that she's the type of child not so easy to compromise ... ?
Heart the 8th and 9th pictures most!
Wish every success of your new collection.
It's blooming!

Di said...

These are lovely and a perfect name! Watching everything that is going on in the middle east makes me think. I remember the Berlin Wall crumbling on my 20th birthday and feeling that then there was a real turning point, that something that had been so for my entire life, was no longer.

Justine said...

This dress is perfect! Simple and pure with the detail of the flower. Beautiful!!
I had a lot of sewing these days but I've nearly finished your surprise ;-)

Amélie said...

Graceful and airy Anette ! airy white dress, so poetic. Just like a dream or a fairy tale... I love most the 8th and 9th too, and the 2nd and the 3rd...
I'm also very touched by the more "political" words. I used to travel through China in the 80's and in early 1990. At the time you could feel "jasmine spirit" around. I didn't return since, but it sounded to me it was somehow forgotten or deeply buried, under economics... let jasmine bloom !

ChantaleP said...

Beautiful. I never heard of the Jasmine Revolution. It's easy to forget how tightly reined in the people are in China because it's so well hidden behind the manufacturing and economic boom there. I wonder if what is happening in the middle east will eventually reach China? Your girl looks like a fairy here, so pretty!

Yanyan said...

What a beautiful dress and a lovely model!! And how special you named it after the 'jasmine bloom'. Let Jasmine bloom!

Yoli said...

Bravo! Let the revolution bloom. So proud of you!

Fei An said...

Thanks, my dear friends, for your blessing to "Jasmine Bloom" and your warm words to my new collection. Feeling the joy whenever read your comments...I am greatly encouraged!

Dear Alliot, Anette is a kid with temper but soft in the meanwhile. 和臻一样,你和她讲道理她还是会听的。但她不会像安雅一样一天到晚开开心心的. 原来爱生气,现在好多了。:p)