Wednesday, 23 February 2011

For Good Memory

This set of pictures make me feel so happy, so happy. So I have to "move" all the pictures from Alliot' s blog to my blog, and post them again, for my good memory...

I started to follow Alliot' s blog: Izakoo, a photo journal, about two years ago. Iza is such a beautiful and talented young lady, however, I seceretly admire her mother, Alliot, very, very much. It would be so many words to write why I admire her so much..... Two things easy to mention: I love her style of photography and good taste of things.

I admit that I dreamt that Iza would dress in my works and Alliot would take beautiful pictures of her and my work one day as well. On the other hand, I never thought this would happen for real. Dear Alliot, this might sound too soft "非常肉麻"。Well, please allow me to write down my true feelings, for good memory, and for the memory of good days like the day, you post all these pictures at your blog. A big "thank you" for every thing!


sonoko said...

When I first saw Alliot's blog,I could realize immediately that China was very beautiful country than I thought.I sometimes couldn't leave a comment in her blog. Because I couldn't find a verbal expression suitable for her wonderful pictures.
Dear Fei An, now I dream that Iza would dress in your works and Alliot would take beautiful pictures of her and your work one day as well.

kitchu said...

what an honor :)

Fei An said...

Dear Sonoko, thank you for your nice words and "your dream" for me:)
Actually, it is a dream which had come into reality: Alliot had taken many pictures of beautiful Iza dressing in my works. This robe of red-wine color is a piece from 2010 autumn and winter collection:)

Fei An said...

Dear K, thank you! :)

alliot + iza said...

I'm flattered dear Fei An!
Actually, it's our honor to meet you and take part in your wonderful sailing of "Naive Days".
It's such a sweet memory for us too!