Monday, 7 June 2010

I lost one of my two front teeth:)

Who is more excited than I am? My little sister:o)

I found 20 kroner from the celestial of tooth (牙神仙,what is called in english?) this morning
in the cup at my bedside table: ).

My little note to the celestial of tooth :
Dear celestial of tooth,
I lost one of my two front teeth today. This is the tooth, and
I wish I will get some money from you tomorrow morning.


Karumen said...

so sweet to see the two sisters hugging each other :)) fei an, did u get anja icecream afters? hehe

alliot / iza said...

I love the period children without their front teeth ... sooooo cute :)

kenza said...

Lovely! and I love the expression "celestial of the tooth" much more poetic than the "tooth fairy"! It seems like a being of good among many others just like it!

kenza said...

I forgot to add that I went to visit your store. I can't wait for Caramelo to be 4 years old and get something from you. The white tops for children are wonderful!

Yoli said...

I cannot wait for my top to arrive Kenza, Fei An is so gifted.

As to the tooth, I am very happy for her, she looks adorable. My eldest still does not want to pull her very lose one out. But any day it will happen.

Fei An said...

Dear Yoli, You are just soooo...kind to me!!! Thanks for your nice words.
I hope you can get the parcel this week. If you have not got it by this weekend, please let me know.
Thanks again!!!

Oh, Kenze, Thank you!!! Your ladies are just so nice person, and I feel I am so lucky!!!

Di said...

Yes, as Kenza said - we call her the tooth fairy! Love kids smiles when they have teeth missing!

Yanyan said...

How cute!