Monday, 31 May 2010

Living in the Mountain 山居笔记

The first picture is the railway station at almost the top of the mountain, and it is half an hour's train trip to Oslo Centre. It is summer now and the forest is completely green. The others are the picutres of the neighborhood. We live at the foot of the hill.

We were at the parents meeting to Anja this afternoon. The teacher said that she is a good student at school. The only thing, which her teacher wishes that she can impove, is that Anja can not help to talk to her neighbor classmate once she understood what the teacher is talking about. She talks as well when the lecture is too easy for her. Yes, I know she is a talkative girl and I will help her to improve there.

Even the teacher knows that Anja likes a boy in class:) The problem is that all the girls in the class seem to like him. Anja was together with us, so her teacher told Anja that it is allowed to like a boy but she must understand that he is probably not the one she will be married with when she grows up:) , because things can change.
I like what her teacher said to her. For myself, I don't know what kind of reaction I should have while I pretend it is not a big deal when she talks about boy or marriage issue. I guess this is a beginning of something. ...


Karumen said...

talkative girls are great! because that means they have a happy, cheerful and creative mindset, let alone being a smart child!! keep it up ^^ (i too used to be talkative, and that's how my mom comforts me after being complained by my teacher except my issue was not just being talkative hahaha)

alliot / iza said...

Dear Fei An, a wonderland! I love the colors of trees, the orange red house, the white wash, the water ... Anja's blouse and her smile!
Anja's teacher is wise. I even don't know how to response when I can see iza really adores her teacher, the very, very, very ... handsome teacher :)

Fei An said...

Dear Karumen, you are sweet!:) I am thinking of not being so picky on Anja while should give her more comfort and encouragement as what your mom did to you. Sometimes, we think that we are bit too strict to the girls:p
Opps, to many spelling mistakes this time of the post, will do the spelling check twice next time.

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot,

Even I noticed that Iza has a very handsome teacher:)

Anja said that she would like to see Iza plays violin, and I said to her that Iza's mom maybe can post a short vidio of Iza playing violin later on:)

Anette said that baby Iza looks exactly the same as baby Anette, because both of them have lot of hair!:p

Sorry for a lot spelling mistake recently, too much in a hurry. Will improve.

kenza said...

oh! I am sorry you were unwell and glad you are feeling better. Your daughter is beautiful! and love is always always a good thing! The photos are amazing. Thank you for this post.

Yanyan said...

This is SUCH a sweet post. The little train station, the creek, Anja's smile, your tender words and how I like her teacher already without seeing her or knowing her... Hope you are feeling better from the cold. More later!