Saturday, 9 January 2010

Naive Days 2010 早春

I am kind of naive person, and I like the naive nature of human beings. It makes things go back to where it is originally from. Thinking back my childhood in China, the color of blue, grey and white in the 70s in China really makes me indulged. It was a beautiful period of time to me, of course, not to the other grown-ups. I guess that is same thing if you know about the chinese film 阳光灿烂的日子In the Heat of the Sun
My mom was good at making "new clothing" for me using old clothing. She cuted my hair short and neat. She always said "simple and clean" is just fine. We did not have so much to make things complicated neither at that time. Here is my naive thought of making this small collection of children clothing: It is just fine to dress children simple and clean, and then their true personality can get the chance to shine. I mean, you can look into the child's eyes without being distracted by the other fancy outfits, and there they are, where they are originally from.


Yanyan said...

I couldn't sleep tonight. So many things in mind. Click your blog, how I like the little blue dress and your daughter is beautiful. Simple and clean, thats the best. Thats how I want my line to be as well. All the best with Naive days!

Fei An said...

Thanks yanyan, I also wish the best of your lines. Look forward to seeing
pitures of the samples from you.

caramelcaramelo said...

hello! oh! such a nice blog! i just discovered it thanks to izakoo. and your daughter so sweet! thanks for sharing such lovely photos and thoughts. and i agree with you on the naive and simple part so much! too bad that much of the world is not so simple... kenza.

alliot said...

Fei An, I'm so glad to see your new design. It's fabulous. The texture and color of the fabric is so nice!
Will you create an on-line shop? I'll be there waiting for your "Naive Days".
Extremely love your words..." It is just fine to dress children simple and clean, and then their true personality can get the chance to shine. "
Anette is sooo cute :)

Fei An said...

Thanks Alliot, It will be a online shop. I will give you a big discount then:) We are doing back and forth with the samples now. Hopefully, I can open the shop in Feburary or March. Things really take much longer time and I did not know I have so much patience;)
Lots of compromise in this beginning phase, and I hope it will be coming totally back into my original thought of the concept of the collection, for an example, the use of hand-dyed, and hand-waved fabric. It seems not easy now to make all the clothing using this kind of fabric. Not easy to understand what I am talking about? I mean, just don't be so dissappointed if my piece is not a perfection. I will try my best to make as good as possible children clothing, however, give me some patience:)

Di said...

I think it is a great idea! I love the dress and all the things that you have made. I agree that dressing children in simple shapes is great.

You asked about the white wool I was using for my creations.....I posted a little about it on my blog but thought I should give you a personal answer too ;o)

It's actually made from pre-felt which is like a large sheet of partially felted wool and I have to felt it myself. To do this I do some hand felting i.e rubbing large pieces of felt soaked with warm soapy water between two sheets of bubblewrap and then rolling it in a towel before putting it in the washing machine at a 30 degree cycle. It comes out sort of bumpy and soft (sometimes it gets a little wrinkled though..) It does make for a lovely soft and cuddly fabric - great for small items such as toys etc. The shop that sells it also has it in black, red, turquoise, blue and some hand dyed pieces too. It makes great things when you hand felt it all too! They make clothes and hats with it.

The shop is and look under felt supplies for merino pre-felt, wool pre-felt and coloured merino pre-felt. My friend Louise works in the shop so if you'd like to try it just let me know and I can get her to pick some up or send you some smaller pieces I have here at home.

If you would like to try some just let me know and i can get you a piece - they have 2 kinds - one merino and one wool - they are between £8 and £11 a metre and they shrink about half in the washing process.

Looking forward to seeing more clothing!
Thank you for stopping by my blog!

nath said...

Love her dress!