Thursday, 7 January 2010

Days in January 2010


It is very cold outside recently, -20 for the whole week! We do things indoors instead.

Got a pack of magazines from a Blog-friend in Japan, Delighted!!!
Yes, of course, I pay for the cost:)


Healthy Chinese dinner: Shrimp scampi , Dofu, fried egg with purple onion and rice!
The kids don't like the dofu while I like it.


Anja has been taught in the school how to draw flowers, stars, hearts, and etc. I can't not say that I really like the way she is taught how to draw in the school . So I challenge her to paint something which is not taught in the school. The above picture is painted by Anja while one can still see the the trace of school teaching from the flowers.
I am satisfied with all the others except the flower:)

This one is painted by Anette with my satisfaction. She is still a little girl with a free mind now.

I can not keep her from loving pink:(


Di said...

The drawings are's true that children should be gently led towards recognising how to draw things but not told how to draw things - where's the creativity in that!

Fei An said...

Wow, thanks Di, you are quick!!!

alliot said...

I love to see children's paintings. They do not need to have great skills to produce a beautiful piece of work but just a pure heart and soul. We grown ups just want to forever preserve this naiveness!