Wednesday, 30 September 2009


找出几年前买的Georgia O'keeffe的传记 Full Bloom ---The art and life of Georgia O'keeffe, by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. 重新翻读她在新墨西哥州的生活。亦很喜欢她早年的花卉,可是最近对她画的兽骨,兽骨的白,兽角的黑,新墨西哥州的干躁苍凉大地和炙热空气,夜晚的浩瀚缥缈灿烂星空,非常非常有所感觉和触动。她还说,"这是我的山,它属于我。上帝告诉我,如果我画它画到足够,我就能拥有它。" 其实孤独很美,它亦给人以力量。
安雅问: Mom, why do you look at the pictures all the time?
Me: They are beautifully taken! There are so many women whom are so good at taking pictures...
Anja: So...?
Me: I wish I could be as good as them at taking pictures.
Anja: Come on, mom, you are good at chinese:)


alliot said...

Beautiful sky!
Georgia O'keeffe's words are touching ... once, when I was still young, I wished I were a mountain ... just standing there looking into the sky, just stayed there, were there. I almost forget this till I saw Evelyne's posts and yours. Thanks for sharing!!!
And, lovely Anja! She's right!
You are not only good at Chinese, you are also a good mother. You are a wholehearted person. I'm so glad to know you!

feian said...

Thanks for your nice words:)
I am so glad to know you as well.
I almost forget her as well for a long period of time, and I liked her so much a few year ago. It feels embarrassing that the daily life occupies that much.....need to find the balance...Life is no longer the same as before once I became the mother of two. You probably have the same feeling, I guess:) Have a good weekend!