Friday, 25 September 2009

Anja's birthday party with her shool classmates

We had Anja's birthday party with her shool classmates yesterday. It was 14 girls and one boy. The only boy asked his dad to call us and showed his strong willingness to come to the girls' birthday party. Of course, he is very much welcomed:) The party was under control, it is not an easy job to serve 15 children at the same time though. Think about it will be at least two birthday parties like this for the following, at least, 10 years, it feels a little bit hopeless:(. We'll see, what we are going to do with this. Kind of overwhelming this month, grandma's birthday, papa's birthday, anja's two birthday celebrations, plus attending to another friend's house warming party,...finally, can relax a bit now.

Must I do the school homework now? Can I do it after the party?
Finally, here we go: let's rock and roll!
Little norwegian beauty
two more beauties and one handsome boy!!!
Anja's kidgarden girlfriend, and now they are in the same school class.
We do a little bit karaokeas well:)
very high!
inside the telt outside.
I love her red hair!
See, how big I am now!
Dear Matine, Smile a bit?(Life is hard for this little girl, Anja's kidgarden girl friend.)
Here you are, you are smiling, my little sunshine!


alliot said...

Sweet and beautiful Anja!
You are a super mom! I can see Anja enjoyed her day.
And, thanks for sharing such a nice video with me.
Take care!

feian said...

Thanks Alliot, yes, let's take good care of ourselv first:) and then be a good mom!!!