Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wheat Field

Here has been always a peaceful corner of mine, and I had never been away from all you there, actually.... Yes, I am back for the things I treasure from this corner so much which I had never knew without experiencing the crazy world outside. ....


Yanyan said...

Fei An! You are back!!! Hugs!

Amélie said...

Dear Fei,
Nice to see these pictures here:) Beautiful scandinavian lights are back on blogspot. I'm really glad you are back.. and so are yanyan and Kenza with a new photo blog. So my heart is very happy.
I'll write longer soon. Much love to all the family from us.

Di said...

Hello! We have missed you. Welcome back. Love your autumn photos.

Fei An said...

To Yanyan, Yes, I am back:)

To Amelie, Dear friend, I just thought living a web life without you is really a pity. I want to be together again with your wonderful and wonderful ladies.

To Di, thanks Di. Forgiving me for being away for so long. I miss you too. Happy October!

Amélie said...

Dear Fei,
I feel a bit guilty and hope you'll forgive me about this mechant virus:) ... and hope the whole family won't catch it.
Have a nice week too, and take care.
much love

Fei An said...

Dear Amelie, I am well now. Only me in the famliy reacted a bit to the virus. And sister of Atle said it is not flu because it has not come to Norway yet. Maybe it is only that I caught a cold or something:)

kitchu said...