Monday, 7 May 2012



Anja will turn to be 9 year old in September.  She behaves totally as a teenager now:) She is walking with her favouriate sunglasses under the scandinavian sunshine.


Di said...

They grow up so fast these days! But it's good that she's wearing sunglasses - we all should wear them more often to protect our eye-sight ;-)

Happy spring to you! I wish we had spring here - it is cold, windy and wet!

Amélie said...

Anja's really cool with these glasses. Yes, nearly a teenager.
Spring was in the air, but not quite there.

Yanyan said...


ChantaleP said...

Haha! She is so cool! What a sweet little lady you have there. Already acting like a teenager.. I so know what you are talking about. ;p

Yoli said...

My favorite line. Will never forget my girl in your beautiful top celebrating her birthday in her native Mongolia.