Friday, 20 April 2012

Naive Days 2012 Spring / Summer Collection "Be the Child of Great Nature" ----Grey 1

It is two years ago that I start with this journey of raising up "Naive Days". It had been lots of joy, happiness, patience, struggling, uncertainty,and so many other feelings that are beyond the description of my words. The bigest harvest during this 2 years journey is that I am so blessed of knowing  some Noble and Kind-Hearted souls in this blogspot sphere. I am so grateful. Maybe I don't have the time to write down a comment to your posts (I do enjoy come and read your post everyday.) or I have to be away for a short period of time, however,  I will be always back here sharing my love to beautiful life together with you at this blogspot place.

Naive Days 2012 Spring and Summer collection is inspired by the great nature of Norway. "Be the Child of Great Nature" is the concept that I wish to deliver for this season. Will write more about it next time.

Source of the last two pictures: Here.  I sincerely apologize for messing up the link of your pictures to another blog,  dear Anabel.


sara said...

She looks gorgeous! Very good pictures and she poses well for the camera!

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Amélie said...

She's so, so, graceful. Love the first photo, the light, her expression. Love also the matching of the pale grey with the joyful tenderness of flowers. And thank you for the link.

* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

I love the concept and I think your beautiful designs reflect it perfectly!

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

sonoko said...

Dear Fei An
I love these images.
I admire how to use red color by chinese. so beautiful...