Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Good Try

Anette would definitely wish to sew a little fox this afternoon. I helped her with the paper and cloth cutting and fixing the whole thing together before she could really do the sewing herself.  Although it was not a total success in the end with the little sewing project,  it is indeed a good try:) Anja made the hairstyle of Anette:).


ChantaleP said...

Oh my goodness! Beautiful gorgeous new photos of your gorgeous little beauties! I hope you had a wonderful trip.. all refreshed and relaxed. I have missed seeing all your beautiful photos. And they are really gorgeous!!

kitchu said...

oh i have missed being here :) i think she did a brilliant job. i can't sew ANYthing! brave of her to even give it a go!

Amélie said...

Nice hairstyle! Like this little fox and the sewer is so graceful