Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Knitting by Haldis Ottershagen


This set of hand-knitted wool sweater and trouser is made by  a 70 year old granny,  Madame. Haldis Ottershagen, who is living in our neighborhood. I met her at the local Christmas Market last week. I usually buy this kind of sweater and trouser set for Anja and Anette to wear under the skiing dress in the winter time. They do have special skiing under dress in the sport shop,  however, I prefer they put on this kind of traditional wool sweater and trousers. I buy them wool under wears as well. The kids would not feel cold by wearing the full set of wool sweater, trousers, and underwear if they sweat a lot and get wet of their body and clothing.  



I  admire Madam. Haldis Ottershagen that she keeps on creating and working until such a age of 70. This is truly inspiring. I will update some of her works to my shop later. If you are interested in seeing all her works, please take contact with us to get a catalogue. She knits wool sweater and trousers, socks for Children at age of  2-10 years old.  


Yoli said...

This is so beautiful and moreso because it came from her hands.

Yanyan said...

This is so very Scandinavian, wonderful to work with the local craftsman. Can't wait to see more!

kenza said...

Beautiful! Yes indeed inspiring... now if I could only get a thread through a needle!

Kaylovesvintage said...

love the jumper

Amélie said...

Oh yes, this is a beautiful craftwork. Must be so warm and confortable for the girls. I'll be planning to knit one of those for Elsa (but for next year !). I remember last year Anja was wearing a beautiful white sweater and trousers. Was it from your neighbour also ?
Love all these photos. She's beautiful.

Fei An said...

Dear Amelie, Thank you! My sister in Beijing knitted the white sweater and trousers for Anja. Anette got one set as well last year, and they can still use them this winter:)

Hopscotch said...

Oh! I would like that sweater for myself! heeheeee ;)

alliot + iza said...

Thanks so much for the "craft" series dear Fei An.
It seems that you have set your direction :)