Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas in the Air...





We are in a high mood preparing for the Christmas now. The last school day for the girls today:) So,  I will soon have two little people to be my models and have fun of taking pictures of them.  Anja played  a piece by Vivaldi at the final concert of this semester this Tuesday without any mistake:)  I am happy not because she did not make any mistakes of the playing, but because both of us know how to "embrace the mistake" now. Year 2011 is completely a blessing to me and the girls,  thank you! 


Yanyan said...

Happy holidays dear Fei An and your lovely family, wish you a wonderful Christmas and very happy 2012! Love, Yanyan

Di said...

Happy holidays! I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and may 2012 bring more learning and loving!

I love the little elk decoration - I have 4 on my tree. Relatives seem to keep giving them to me for some reason! But I do love them.

I also love the sheepskin - I am sitting on my chair with my beautiful sheepskin over the back and it's keeping me warm. it looks really like your sheepskin too - mine is a North Ronaldsay sheep (a breed from the Orkney islands) which came from the Isle of Auskerry where there are 5 people and over 500 sheep! Love it!

Amélie said...

Such a cosy Chrismas atmosphere. Your photos makes me fell warm and confortable. I'm just dreaming of one of these sheepskins. Love the photo with the hair of Anette floatting around. Love the elks. Christmas must be magic in Norway, and specially in your house, I'm sure.
Wish you a wondeful Christmas with all your family, dear Fei An.