Sunday, 20 November 2011

Into the Fog ---- Anja

It is a cold, foggy and wet Sunday. I took a walk with the girls to the woods. The girls are happy no matter what the weather is . However, they spoke and laughed loudly as usual  so I had to separate them a bit to keep the noise down.  They had a good time in the woods anyway. The light was not so good in the woods so almost all the pictures take are blurred. I will post pictures of Anette in the next post.  

Next Thursday evening, I will take Anja to the Oslo Opera House to a concert together with some children and teachers from her Music School. It will be the first time that Anja will visit the Oslo Opera House. It will be dark anyway outside. Let me see if I can take some pictures of her inside. It is winter now and day time is really short in North Europe. Anyway, I will pick up my mood to take picture of the girls,  my ordinary days and life here in Norway. It should be the things which I enjoy most to do, so I will do it more....For the enjoyment and happiness of myself.  


Hopscotch said...

How lovely that you can take a walk and beautiful nature is right there!

I love Norge and I hope to visit there again someday soon!

Love your photos, dear Fei-An!

Yoli said...

Lovely images and how wonderful to expose her to so much culture.

kenza said...

Funny I dreamt of very heavy fog last night...
Wonderful photos! Let me know about the opera!

alliot + iza said...

Beautiful! Rails losing perspective in the fog.
And, Anja the fairy in the cloud :)
Wish anja and you have a wonderful time for the concert.

Amélie said...

What a magical world, like a fairy tale. Il love these photos with the railroad getting lost in the mist... who knows where it goes ? .. and Anja wanderer to the land of dreams. Loce the second one specially. Wish you a great time at the Opera. Elsa and I will be going too on decembrer 7th.