Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I bought myself a fur or leather jacket at a vintage shop in Oslo this Monday. It is style of old fashion and uses material which is not popular anymore. And it is quite heavy. I don't know why I am quite nostalgic for lots of the times. I love old buildings, old fashion lifestyle, ....things with a history behind. As for this piece, the  workmanship is very exquisite and delicate---- very typical old style of tailoring and sewing.



kenza said...

I love love love the jacket!
and the two photos together... amazing!

Yanyan said...

Beautiful Jacket! Simple style but really chic. Have a great day my friend.

Amélie said...

This is indeed exquisite. Love the jacket. Love the light and atmosphere, of your black and white composition. Simple and beautiful.
I admire every post here, dear Fei An. Always of moment of peace and beauty.