Friday, 14 October 2011

Tathagata 如来如去

Friend recommended this music to me. Chinese composer, He Xun-tian made this CD. Love it so much! 

I am thinking that you might like it as well:) Take a look HERE , especially like the part which starts at  3:10: so full of life!  充满了清新和蓬勃的生命力。

Have a nice weekend, my dear friends! 


alexandra said...

Beautifull black & white picture !

Amélie said...

Love 如来如去。Thank you dear Fei An for sharing this music. And the photo of Anja: her expression, her attention, her gracious hand, the light on her face. Beautiful. Have a nice week end.

c. said...

dear fei an, many thanks for your lovely comment on my tumblr! your pics are very inspiring too!

alliot + iza said...

Beautiful song of Dadawa. She's got a heavenly voice. Thanks for sharing this.
Anja is graceful! This image matches the music so well.