Sunday, 16 October 2011




Top: Here.
Robe: Here.

It was quite windy today,  and went out for a  2 hours' trip anyway together with the girls.
Stay calm, make clothing, take pictures, and read books...Isn't it good, Norwegian Wood?!


ChantaleP said...

Pretty! So very pretty. Your girl seems so tall... Sunday staying in and doing nothing. It sure sounds really good to me. It is very windy and rainy here today in Mtl. I think Mother Nature is trying to get rid of all the leaves on the trees. I find it kind of sad. But am loving just staying in! : )

kenza said...

Precious! All of it! This last photo is absolutely stunning!

alliot + iza said...

Beautiful light! I wish I can visit the Norwegian Wood one day. To feel the tranquility of the beautiful wood.
To take a breathe of the fresh fresh air.

Fei An said...
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Fei An said...

Welcome to Norway, anytime! Would like to go for a trip with you in the wood:), dearest Alliot!

kitchu said...

she is so beautiful. this outfit is pure perfection on her.

Amélie said...

Oh! The blue angel! The light is magical. I agree with Kenza, the last photo is exceptionnal.