Friday, 28 October 2011

5 KM

It is weekend again! I had been jogging for 5 km 3 days this week. I had never thought I could run so long.  I was a young lady with quite bad marks to Physical Education at school. It usual requires the students to run not more than a time limit for qualification. And I hate this. After all, when I came to Norway,  I began to do as the local people do---- to go for a walk in the Nature.  I found it is quite enjoyable to do this while I had never tried to jog in Norway. I thought I was too old to do it. And then, this Tuesday, I suddenly wanted to give a try.  Then, I made it. I did jog when I lived in Singapore 10 years ago, but had never jogged more than 2.5 km. I don't know how much time I have used for this 5 km. I don't care. It was the "time limit" thing made me so terrified at running. Now, I will make it a pure enjoyment and do not take the "time" as a big issue. 

 Thinking about my  "cloth making",  I know how should  I do with it : I will try to make the nicest clothing with good quality as much as possible. I will make this thing into a sheer enjoyment. I will definitely not allow the "time" issue bother me anymore. After all, I do this, for pleasure, for celebration of life, but not for the "result". 

Dear friends, thanks for your warm comments and nice word as always. I really appreciate it. Have a very nice weekend!


Source of the first picture: Here.


Di said...

Congratulations on the running! That's really impressive having not run for a long time! I have only run once this week - things have been really hectic at work and I haven't even made it to my twice weekly badminton - so exercise has been limited. Will be outdoors with the National Trust tomorrow and running on Sunday - so at least it is something! Keep it up and keep enjoying not worrying about time!

Hopscotch said...

Oooo, I would think running in Norge would be nicer and cooler than the hot, humid weather in Singapore! ;P It think it's wonderful that you've been running and as long as you're feeling like you're loving it, you should keep on doing it and not worry about the time issue.
Here's to a lovely weekend to you and your family! :*

kenza said...

Wow! that is impressive. I use to run years ago now I am more Chi Kung in the morning. I find it less stressful and as invigorating! But I still enjoy long walks. Maybe it is age creeping on...
The photos are beautiful! Love these reflections of bleu from one to the next. And your little girl! Getting prettier by the minute!
Many kisses to all!

Yanyan said...

what an inspiring post! Enjoy your run!

Amélie said...

Beautiful blue post, blue's my favourite coulour. Anja's a beauty in blue.
I don't think I'd be able to run 5km, congratulations! I've always prefered walking or swimming, though. I don't swim much any longer, lacking of time, but still walk a lot since I don't have a car. I also hated physical education at school. Seemingly I didn't have the competitive spirit required by the teachers.
Keep running and enjoying it, dear Fei An.

Yoli said...

That is wonderful!!! That is the best attitude to take! You will enjoy long health of body and mind.

alliot + iza said...

This is wonderful, dear Fei An! You've done great!
Yes, keeping running and enjoy it!
Really nice match and echoing of the two pictures.
Lovely blue!!