Thursday, 1 September 2011

Naive Days 2011/12 AW Collection has Come to the Shop.....

Naive Days 2011/12 AW Collection has come to our online shop, here.

This collection is inspired by the heaven in my heart: Mongolian Prairie.  The name of Naive Days 2011/12 AW Collection is  Mongolia, Mongolia.....

This collection is delicate to my Little Mongolian princess Sally: wish you well and lots of love to you, my dear sweetheart!   

Please see our website and also here for the concept of this season's collection. 

The Great Inspiration!
Share a piece of beautiful Mongolian Music: here.  

Source of pictures : here. 


Yoli said...


Amélie said...

Such a splendid collection, Fei An. Mongolia is one of those places I've been dreaming about for many years. I've only passed though Mongolia by train, always wishing I once stop there for a while ... I'm so touched to discover you spent part of your youth. It is great to come back to places of our childhood and youth. This summer I too went back to the village where I spent part of my childhood this summer; I was so happy to share this with Elsa.
I like how the mongolian prairie inspired you. The colours of the collection are gorgeous.
Thank you also for the Mongolian music, so peaceful I could listen to it for hours...

coco said...

wonderful photos. Once dreamed of being in this kind of environment so much. even though my taste has changed, i still love nepal.