Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hou Hai in Beijing 后海

Dear Friends, Anja and I feel extremely honored and happy that we got so much blessing from your nice ladies on Anja's 8 year birthday. Anja wish to say thank you so much and give big hugs to all dear aunties and big sisters here at this blogspot sphere. I wish to say thank you to you all as well. What a beautiful day that we had had because of your blessing, my dear friends.!!! 

Here is another day in Beijing during our summer holidays in China.  As you may see, the pictures I took  may look very ordinary. I almost forgot how to take pictures in Beijing. I mean, I was lost in the memories of the good old golden days of my childhood. I was almost the same age as Anette is, which is 6 year old. It was kind of overwhelming walking together with her in the old areas of Beijing. So, I was not able to concentrate to do the photographing.  However,  somehow,  I think like this : one of the nice meaning of photography is "for memories". Yes, for memories, but not only for the sake of creative art works. I feel much better to think like this and therefore, dare to show you ladies all these very ordinary, but  sweet, pictures in my eyes:p)
Will catch up with your ladies soon.... 


This is Hou Hai in Beijing. We did a lot of ice skating and swimming there when we were small. 

Anette's jacket: Here.  


Yoli said...

I am so happy she had a wonderful day. These pictures in China are stunning. I love her dress and that top has always been a favorite of ours.

alliot + iza said...
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alliot + iza said...
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kenza said...

Lovely! She is precious and so so adorable with her braids! She deserves all these congratulations and warm thoughts, and so do you!

ChantaleP said...

Ah, so good to hear your Anja had a great birthday. Photos from holidays should always be fun memories and not staged or orchestrated, right? That would take the fun out of the memories. : ) Both of your girls are so pretty and your trip looks so wonderful! My coworker just came back from Hong Kong and I so want to go! I also love Annette's jacket. It's gorgeous!

Amélie said...

Dear Fei An,
That's why your photos are so truly beautiful, my favourite ones from Beijing ever. Because they're taken for memories, just you eyes on Beijing, Anette and your chilhood memories. This series is like a promenade in your compagny along with the most graceful angel. The light and shades are magic, in harmony with Anette tendre smile. Thank you for this precious moment.

coco said...

what do you miss about china, fei?

Johanna Tagada said...

Thos pictures are amazing, simple but great.

I hope to visit one day.
I'm happy to discover your webpage it's a nice place and also so glad you linked me!

Best wishes,