Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Good Accompany 陪伴

She is my good accompany. I go for long walk quite often with her. She said that she is soon 8 year old and big enough to be the accompany to go for a walk with me. Her smile lights my heart when I feel lonely, and she always opens my eyes and brings me into a  beautiful new world....She talks a lot and loud. She messes up her room and things. She always plays first after school..... However, I am so blessed and thankful to have her in my life. 


心无旁骛, 专注得  
孤独, 很美。自有所获。



Yoli said...


Hopscotch said...

I really love what you wrote here Fei-An. It makes me think of what my Mom would say when I was 8.


alliot + iza said...

她真是一個乖巧懂事的孩子! :)

ChantaleP said...

This is one of the sweetest posts ever. She is wonderful & beautiful your girl! Aw... what would we do without our girls?

Amélie said...

She's so, so beautiful.Agree with Yoli, 她是如此的美丽。
This post is wonderful, filled with all the love of a mother.
Her outfit is so elegant. These blue and black of your new collection are perfect with her shining black hair.
Can't take my eyes away from this series.

Yanyan said...


kenza said...

Such precious words, such precious colors. Oh yes! You have a wonderful friend there. (and what she is wearing is beautiful!). Your photos are so full of tenderness and so so delicate. Thank you for sharing so much.

Evelyne said...

So beautiful !